New MacBook: Coming Soon.

The new iBooks are expected this week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. Here’s my two cents on the new notebooks.

The iBook needs a revision badly and is going to benefit greatly with an Intel processor (solo or core duo). The 13.3″ screen that is expected sounds like a good idea. The 12″ with its 4:3 aspect ratio is too old school by Apple standards. I hear it’s going to be thin, light, with an iSight, Front Row and the Apple Remote. Plus I’ve read it’ll be offered in both black and white. All of this sounds great. A black iBook may tick off ColorwarePC (the company that offers painting services for many Apple products), but it would give the iBook a more serious look, especially if Apple wants to market the iBook to businesses.

It may or may not be called the MacBook. Fine with me.

Will I be looking into getting one? My wife has a 12″ iBook – it could be replaced… Nope. I’m not getting one for a long while. I bought the MacBook Pro about two months after it was released. I had heard about Apple’s 1st generation products – I wanted to read the reviews to find out how the MBP was. It’s a great machine, don’t get me wrong – but it ticks me off that it has a high pitched whining noise, one of the fans makes that “mooing” noise that people complain about and the battery life could be better. I didn’t find out about those things until after I bought one.

I’d rather not experience another 1st gen Apple product. Here’s hoping Apple has learned from its mistakes with the MBP and the MB runs free of annoyances.


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