Vista makes me reconsider MS.

I’m a Mac user. I like the clean look of OS X, the stability, and its great software. Back when I was a Windows user, I enjoyed XP’s stability (compared to 3.1), the customizable look – which I cleaned up – and its tremendous amount of freeware.

So Vista is coming soon. The Aero glass interface is nice and slick; MS’s new alt-tab is very clean. It’s like MS copied some concepts from Apple. In all fairness, I believe that MS has some of the same ideas as Apple, but just gets its ideas out later. I’ve had some ideas for products that ended up becoming real products. I believe that different people can have the same idea at the same time, but one gets it out to the public faster.

I really miss Windows Media Player (“WMP”). That software is like a super-VLC. WMP can play almost anything and can organize so many different files. Plus, the new WMP 11 is great. It did take ideas from iTunes, but it puts iTunes to shame with its picture and video management. Apple sticks with iPhoto and iTunes – however, MS has them beat with a piece of software that does them both. WMP does it all, actually. Videos, pictures, music – WMP can play it. Its video playlist managment destroys Quicktime. Plus with the right plug-ins, WMP is all you need. (Stay tuned for my “Finder stinks” post.)

So Apple hardware is fancy and slick. Big deal. I know I pay premium for the name and software from Apple. Now that Microsoft is catching up to Apple with Vista, it has me thinking. Would I be happier with Vista? I’ve never dealt with a virus other than one on a relative’s computer. I know what I’m doing. I don’t just download anything out there.

The MacBook Pro (“MBP”) should be cheaper than it is currently priced. The new MacBook (“MB”) may be a better value than the MBP. I just wonder if my next laptop will be an Apple or a Lenovo. Let’s see what Vista can do. They may win me back.


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