Finder needs work

Recently, a couple of faked screenshots of Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, were making the rounds on the Internet. Included in the fake shots was a new tabbed Finder interface.

When I switched from Windows to Mac, Finder was one of the things I hated most about OS X. It was too simple and underpowered. You have to open two Finder windows to do anything. There are few ways to customize Finder (besides putting a ton of items in your toolbar and your sidebar). There is no “Advanced” view that gives you more functionality. (As an aside, I find it quite irritating that you can only save items to locations listed in your sidebar using a drop down menu instead of a sheet).

One of the better Finder replacements is Path Finder. Unfortunately, it does not completely replace the Finder because OS X does not truly give you an option to use a replacement program for Finder. You would have two programs running. A few months ago, there was news that Apple was looking for a new Finder team. I e-mailed them and the guys at CocoaTech (makers of Path Finder) and implored them to bring the Path Finder people to Apple to replace the Finder. More likely than not, Apple will just copy Path Finder without payment just as they copied Konfabulator (later Yahoo Widgets Engine). Apple apologists will say what a great innovation, while others (like me) will say Apple stole a great idea.

Tabbed file browsing is not a complete answer. Split view panes, as can be found in Windows with Explorer, are necessary for moving files. Additionally, Apple has the awful folder replace function. Instead of integrating the contents of two folders who share the same name, Mac OS X replaces the folder with the newer one (after warning you that it will do this). There is not even an option to integrate the folder contents.

I am not asking for Finder to become Path Finder. I just want a program that can act like Windows Explorer or Finder that gives you advanced options. Hide it from the newbies and give some power to the users.


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