RIAA and MPAA Raid Pittsburgh Pirates

Only weeks after the RIAA and MPAA attempted to destroy the the pirate bay, the RIAA and MPAA set their sights on another well-known pirate organization.

They have put the screws to Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates. We spoke to the Pirates’ Kerri Durica, Coordinator, Advertising & Promotions, and she was quite confused by the entire situation. “We’re a baseball team. We’re not ‘Arr, matey!’-pirates and we’re not selling pirated movies or music either. Frankly, we think those guys may have targeted the wrong people.”

We discussed the issue with an RIAA representative and he was adamant in the RIAA’s stance. “The RIAA does not make mistakes. These people are pirates and they must be taken down. We have lost millions of dollars because of pirates and these people brazenly wear the pirate name on their chest! They must be stopped.”

An MPAA representative also added, “We are looking into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have a skull and cross-sword logo. They may be related to the pirate problem.”


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