Whining MacBook Pro Repaired

Over 150 days ago I bought my MacBook Pro. I know this because I looked up my serial number with Apple. I had gotten one of those MacBook Pros with the whining noise. I had gotten used to it, so I accepted the fact that I paid a high price for a computer with an annoying defect. Then I read on digg that Apple had acknowledged this noise and instructed owners to contact AppleCare.

I called up AppleCare and told them of the problem. They asked me if the whining was present at start up. I said I didn’t know because I rarely start up my laptop. I usually only restart my MacBook Pro after Software Update requires a restart. (That’s one of the reasons I switched from PCs to Macs). Then they asked me if it was making the noise now. I told them I didn’t know. The guy at AppleCare tried to understand the situation “You don’t know if you hear the noise your complaining about?” I told him the room was noisy and the noise is much more noticable when the notebook is plugged in. After a couple of minutes, I was given a couple of numbers and was told that a box was on its way. I asked if I needed to backup my hard drive. The AppleCare guy told me to do so since there were no guarantees.

I received my box from Apple the next day and packaged up my notebook (it’s not a laptop) after backing up my hard drive twice. After about two or three business day, I received my repaired MacBook Pro. It had two stickers on it that I assume were for identification while it was at the repair place.

They replaced the Main Logic Board (MLB) at no cost to me. I haven’t heard the noise again (but then again, I haven’t used my MBP that much in the past two days). So, if your MacBook Pro buzzes or emits a high pitched noise, contact Apple and get that logic board replaced. It actually worked out pretty well. My MBP’s speakers sound louder – that might be my own perception – as well.

Overall, a good experience with AppleCare.

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