Apple to launch Cingular Phone?

According to ThinkSecret, Apple is going to roll out their much rumored iPhone and it will be a Cingular exclusive.

I’m currently stuck in a Verizon contract. However, I may try to jump to Cingular if this Apple phone finally comes out. Why would I buy another 1st generation Apple product? Actually, after writing “1st generation Apple product” I am more apprehensive about picking one up until I read some reviews. However, let’s assume that a 1G iPhone will not be too buggy – in a perfect world it could be a combination of an iPod and a Newton.

As far as I’m concerned, this iPhone could be a Mac smart phone. That would be great. I wouldn’t need to carry a PDA, a cell phone and a music player. That’s a best case scenario. It would need to be able to download iTunes songs without connecting to a computer to really set it apart. (As an aside, I’ve never purchased anything from the iTunes Store because of my anti-DRM stance).

In a worst case scenario, it’s a lousy phone with iTunes capabilities. There’s lots of lousy phones out there, what’s one more?


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