Killing Time Episode 010: Dick DeBartolo Interview Part 003 of 003

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Part 3 of my interview with Mad’s Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo

How many podcasts are there in the world?
The Death of TechTV (but it lives in Canada, eh)
The Origin of Daily Giz Wiz
the NASCAR Racecar clock
The Hard Drive Enclosure as a Gadget?
A tape deck for your PC.
The Eggstractor – it removes the shell off of a hard boiled egg
Weird Patents

The Gravity Powered Shoe Air Conditioner
A combined bird-trap and cat feeder

A USB Missle Launcher – defend your desk.  Combine it with flash drives, forget you, sneakernet!
MAD Magazine
Buying URLs in bulk
The What the Heck is it contest at

And JB gets trashed by Dick.


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