More TV?

I finally picked up FiOS TV, but now there are much more options.  Monday night is particularly troublesome with plenty of programming on but not enough tuners.  A solution would be to take an OTA antenna and connect it to a HD HomeRun or an Elgato EyeTV 250.  I'm leaning towards the HD HomeRun since it has dual tuners and then streams HD over Ethernet.  The more connected the television and computers get, the better.

The big annoyance with my antenna is that it is in the attic and not on the roof.  Reception since the digital transition has been spotty.  It's either CBS and NBC with Fox spotty or Fox good and no other channels.  Another tweak can get maybe another channel or two.  Options for the antenna would be either taking it to the roof (and maybe get all the channels that way) or having one antenna pick up one set of channels and then another to pick up the rest. 

There is another idea: just watch less TV. 

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