Some of my favorite bookmarklets

Use the web? Why not use some bookmarklets to enhance your browsing
experience? Here are some of my favorite and most often used

  • Readability – it reformats text on sites so you can have an uncluttered reading experience.
  • Instapaper – see something you want to read but don’t have the time? Grab Instapaper’s “Read Later” bookmarklet. Click the bookmarklet and Instapaper keeps track of articles for you. Then you can read it on your phone (complete with mobile-friendly formatting) or whatever device. It’s great for when you’re stuck waiting somewhere.
  • Share on Posterous – makes sense if you have a Posterous blog, but lots of blogs have this kind of tool. If I see something I want to share online, a couple of clicks and I’ve got something on my blog.
  • Add to Boxee – it’s like Instapaper for video. Find a video on many sites (including YouTube), click the Add to Boxee bookmarklet and you’ll have the video in a queue in Boxee. Later fire up Boxee and watch them all.

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