Injury-free since January

So a while back, I managed to tear a muscle in my ribs while doing an indoor climb. For about 30 days I couldn't do a lot of things without a bunch of pain; laughing hurt the most. After that injury, I said I would go the rest of the year without getting injured again. So far, so good. 

I've been injured a couple of times before my rib injury. Once my back seized on me while putting a collar on one of the dogs. I most likely injured my back the day before doing a shoulder press using too much weight. I couldn't move well for about a week. 

What got me injured in the past were a couple of things: overall poor fitness or when fit, trying too much. Now, I'm pretty cautious. There's a fine line between intensity and over doing something. That's the line I've been more aware of in the past couple of months. 

Now that I've written this little post, let's see how long before I do something dumb again. 

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