Phone changes

Short Version: I'll probably replace my mobile phone service with a combination of Google Voice, Skype, Ooma, and an iPad with 3G instead of my original plan of an iPod touch plus a MiFi.

Long Version: With yet another next generation iPhone leaked, I thought I'd share my next phone plans with you, my loyal reader. My AT&T contract is up in August of this year. Sounds like the prefect time to pick up the next gen iPhone. I know there are tons of Android options and Windows Phone 7 is around the corner, but I am actually picking up none of them in August.

After my contract with AT&T ends, I'm dumping my phone. I will be using Google Voice as a front end to receive calls. I already have an Ooma telephone number as well as a Skype line. Google Voice will call those other numbers and I should not really miss a beat. 

My original plan was picking up a MiFi plus an iPod touch to act as a portable VoIP service. I may do something even stranger than that with an iPad. The iPad's service plans are so low cost that I may pick up a 3G version to use with Skype and a headset. Realistically, this setup will probably mean I won't take phone calls as much, but I am not a fan of phone calls in general as many of you already know. I am not going to defend the iPad in this post, maybe I'll do it in a follow up. 

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