Why I use Posterous

I have picked Posterous over Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and every
other service out there. I have been asked why I made that decision.
In my adventures as a content producer, I eventually found out content
is king. I know that lots of sites are out there have pretty graphics
and oodles of options for designs, different sections, and lots more.

Posterous is dead simple to use. It definitely does not have as many
options as other services, but I just wanted a place where I could
write and post whatever.

I get easily distracted when something can be customized in so many
ways. Back when I used Windows machines all the time, I spent so much
time customizing my particular computer with themes and more.
WordPress is great and very customizable. I can easily get caught up
in plug-ins and structure and all that jazz, but that is just
presentation. Content is still king.

Right now, I’d rather focus on producing content that is of high
quality. If my site seems amateurish or simple or without thousands of
options it really is by design.


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