Gigawhat: Episode 6 – RIM Lights It Up with Torch

Check us out as we take a look at the newest Blackberry slated to hit the market. Does the Blackberry have what it takes to make it among the big (smartphone) players or is it “so 2008?” We also look into this whole jailbreaking hooplah. What is jailbreaking? Should I jailbreak my phone? For you Android owners, we follow up on the Froyo update to see what’s working (and what’s not). Find out too why you might have to rethink those plans for an outdoor pool and why those (secret) sites you visit may not be all that secret! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes with the link below and follow us on Twitter (Iyaz at @iyaz, Derrick at @derrickc82). Leave a thought or comment as well on the blog post at

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