Moving: The Long, Long Version

Digital Versions

I’ve packed up a lot of comic books and regular books. I think I may re-buy my favorite comics in digital format so I can get rid of the physical stuff. 

I’ve thrown out a lot of stuff. No point in shipping garbage, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of things that are coming with us will end up being thrown out. We’re moving into a smaller space and I’m going to try to digitize or throw out as much stuff as possible once we finally land. 


I know everyone seems to say the same thing when they move, but I hate a lot of my stuff. My biggest problem has been finding “deals” or volunteering to take old computers off my family’s hands. That can’t happen any more. 

Timing and the Full Story

If you didn’t know, we’re going to have a timing issue. The house at which we currently reside will be signed over to the next person on Wednesday. Our new place in Manhattan won’t be available until around February. 

So the wife, the new guy, and the dogs are headed to Poughkeepsie to live with my wife’s parents. My mom’s got allergies so she can’t house the dogs. To avoid 4 hours of commuting time per day, I’ll be subletting a place for a month or two so I can stay in the city during the week and visit on weekends.

This is one wacky plan. In a couple of months, this will just look like a speed bump. Right now, this looks crazy. The way I figure it, this is like being in a very long line at the DMV. Eventually, you get through it — it might take a while, but you will get through it. 



2 thoughts on “Moving: The Long, Long Version

  1. Oh my, hang in there & I hope you get lots of time to spend the holidays with the family. I feel for you, we were out of our place for 2 yrs after a fire while we rebuilt so I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling.

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