Because lots of people have asked: Updated

So here’s my current living situation:

  • Sold the house last week. December 22nd.
  • New place is not expected to close until February with no dates set in stone yet.
  • Update: New place in the city fell through. Thanks, Halstead Property.
  • The wife, kid, and dogs are in Poughkeepsie with the wife’s parents. 
  • I’m subletting in the city to avoid 4 hours of commute time daily.
  • I visit on the weekends.
  • After the new place closes, we’re all back under the same roof again.
  • Update: A new development has stalled the pursuit of a new place until Mid-March.
  • Update: We’re looking into hotels now.

So when I’m done with work, I’ve got very little to do. It turns out I need to work or problem solve or else I don’t know what to do (which I understand is a problem to solve as well).

Update: I have since packed my post-work schedule with things to keep me entertained or busy during the week.

Now you know. 


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