Changes are coming


Today is my last day at PCMag. The thing I loved about coming to work was being able to talk with the people here. There are a lot of talented people who can contribute greatly to the company and I’m going to miss seeing them every day. 

But, I’m off to a different gig (and a different coast). Starting on the March 28th, I’ll be an Associate Producer/Host at I will be working on “Tech News Today.” I don’t know if I’ll be on air on the 28th because I may still be frazzled from the move. But, definitely expect to see my mug on the air on the 29th.

We’re packing our things and are preparing to move to California. It’s a big change, but how can you turn down an offer from TWiT? I’ve lived up and down the East Coast (actually the Northeast Coast) my whole life, so I’m expecting an adjustment period. I also implore anyone I know on the East coast or wherever to move out to San Francisco or nearby for my convenience. 

Also, my “This Old Nerd” show will continue once we settle a bit in California. I’m itching to get back into production. Expect some simple update shows and fuller episodes once we get a permanent place to tech up.

It’s been a crazy journey from law school guy/writer/podcaster/chatroom guy to TWiT guy. Hope to see you in the chat room or on Twitter or whatever new communication method comes up. 


4 thoughts on “Changes are coming

  1. I’m excited to see you join TNT. What I look forward to most when you are on a video that I’m watching is how honest you seem to be. I really hope you don’t lose that. The dinosaur podcast is/was amazing. Good Luck!PS FIRST

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