I like stuff

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate everything. So here’s a list of stuff I like in no particular order (and in no way is this list exhaustive):

  • Beer – lots of kinds, but if I have a choice I’ll likely pick an IPA
  • Movies – comedies, dramas, documentaries, horror and lots of “so bad it’s good” flicks
  • Guitars – I’ve been playing on and off since I was 17. 
  • Basketball – I like playing it (although I haven’t in years) and watching
  • Animals – I’ve got two dogs
  • Home theater technology – I am pleasantly surprised by all the progress in this field
  • Mobile tech – ultraportables laptops, mobile internet devices (yep, I’m the guy who liked the Sony Mylo)
  • Podcasting – anybody can create and distribute a show
  • Modern design – clean lines, uncluttered appearances
  • Lots of failed technologies – I was intrigued by the UMPC, Smart Displays, SPOT and more. These things didn’t pan out, but I really appreciated the attempts to re-invent the computer. One of my dogs is named “Audrey” after the 3Com Audrey. 
  • Arguing – I don’t necessarily believe everything I say. Sometimes I try to make sense of things by arguing the other side.
  • Roller coasters – I’m an adreline junkie, so I try out coasters when I can. On a related note, I’ve been skydiving twice and it was blast.

There you go. Now you know and knowing is 1/2 the battle. Go Joe. 



One thought on “I like stuff

  1. Same here Iyaz. Beer! Your in a perfect place CA has a load of IPA outside of CO. Movies rock, guitars…well duh. Home theater, it’s all about the company so you can geek out your tech. Mobile, that’s where life is leading us. Podcasting or like Leo likes to say, Netcast… definitely. (I listen to you guy’s daily.) Would love to get thisoldnerd.com going. 😉 All others are cool, but I can see you exp. on arguing being the attorney that you are. So there YOU go! 1/10th of the battle. Gi Polanco. @davidpolanco

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