Blogging platform indecision

I go back and forth on sticking with Posterous or moving back to Wordrpess. Switching back to WordPress could be fun since there are so many plugins, but part of what drew me Posterous was the simplicity and autoposting to other sources like Twitter, Blip, Tumblr, etc. Other times, I think a full move to Twitter combined with other services may work. 

One of the reasons I have a blog is to give people an easy way to find my thoughts, videos, podcasts, or whatever in one place. I’ll come up with a solution eventually, but for right now, if you want to find my work, visit


2 thoughts on “Blogging platform indecision

  1. I’ve been struggling with the same thing. I’m on Blogger at the moment and have tried almost all of the major hosted blogging platforms. I’m just about decided to go with WordPress for much the same reason you mentioned.I’m also using as the go-to location for anyone trying to keep me on their radar.So I’m definitely interested in knowing where you finally land.

  2. I’ve gone from WordPress to Drupal to WordPress. WordPress is a lot better than I remember, and easier to update/use etc. Everyone in my circle seem to be on WordPress (except for that tumblr crowd), and if you do need to do some hackery, WordPress is easy enough to work around.My two cents, try out WordPress it has changed a lot. If you can’t be bothered stick with Posterous it is probably going to be fine for what you need.

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