On the iPad (3rd Generation)

I didn’t get to make this point on yesterday’s episode of “Tech News Today,” but I’d like to get this out of my head. I purchased the iPad (3rd generation) on the first day of orders back in March. It was the first iPad I had bought for myself. It had everything I wanted at the time — LTE, Retina Display, and servicible cameras.

At first, I felt burned by Apple’s announcment of the 4th generation with its new A6X procesor. However, after an hour or so, I realized I wasn’t burned. I got to use my iPad as much as I wanted during that time. It is a great device.

However, the spec bump is enough for me to switch devices. I’ve sold my iPad 3 and will likely order the iPad 4 (which I plan to sell for the iPad 5). 


One thought on “On the iPad (3rd Generation)

  1. I some what agree with your initial statement about being "burned". The argument that Tom was using against you was that all other computers and connected devices are revised and updated regularly, therefore making your argument pointless unless it is applied to all of those devices. I disagree with that, and here’s why. So far iOS devices specifically seem to reach obsolescence much faster than their OS X counterparts. If this continues to hold true, the "need" to purchase the newest iOS device will manifest much more quickly with iOS devices as opposed to OS X based devices.

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