Trying out a new workout routine: Insanity

My weight and fitness have varied greatly over the years. All kinds of reasons motivated a start and all kinds of reasons stopped momentum.

In the past, I’ve successfully completed a round of P90X with a large gap in the middle due to an injury. P90X is one of those infomercial products — a bunch of workout DVDs and a fitness plan. It’s an excellent workout and it helped slim me down a considerable amount. The other part of my slimming down came from dietary changes as well as taking up an interest in indoor rock climbing.

I’ve been exercising on and off for the past couple of months. My last regular exercise routine was thrown off by yet another move. As I finally feel a bit more settled in in my new/old home, it’s time to kick off another big fitness push. Yesterday, I tried out day one of Insanity. Insanity is made by the same people behind P90X and is also a set of DVD workouts. As you can tell with the name, the workout routine is not a little light exercise.

Day one is simply a fit test. You get to see where you stand with a set of exercises. At the end of the 20+ minute workout, I was drenched. Today, is day two. I’ve read about Insanity and I’ve got a friend who has done the routine multiple times. They all warn you — you will be floor. You will be sore. Yet, they came back for more. (Okay, I’m done rhyming now).

So here are some public goals: I’d like to finish the 60 day Insanity plan as quickly as possible without injury. Additionally, I’d like to get back to indoor climbing by mid-October.


One thought on “Trying out a new workout routine: Insanity

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