Happy New Year! What’s Next?

In case you were wondering what I’m up to, here’s an update. Have a Happy New Year, everyone!


16 thoughts on “Happy New Year! What’s Next?

  1. You are starting the new year in entirely new direction.That should be fun and exciting for you. Good luck. I will be going along for the ride.

  2. Glad your back. Enjoyed your work on TWIT. I vote to restart This Old Nerd or something like it. Looking forward to your new endeavors. Have a prosperous new year!

  3. Good luck, you were the only host that made Leo’s 3 week vacation tolerable. You’ll be missed. Don’t shelve your hosting skills!

  4. I was a fan of Know How and always really enjoyed you filling in on Windows Weekly. Looking forward to checking out your new and other online efforts. Happy New Year

  5. You need to keep educating long form (Sharon does a great short form on cnet)like KnowHow. Keep it rudimentary to intermediate. We also need a htpc show reviewing new software and hardware.Small fast and quiet, carputing sounds fun as well. I know this is a stretch but start a new tech network with tom and molly, kickstart the s**t out of it. Your insights are great and needed. Tom, molly and you would be a great professional combo. Competition is needed but it has to be under one umbrella and not like rev3 too many shows and most not concise.
    On another topic I hope leo doesn’t let his yoko ruin what was once a great network.

  6. Iyaz, darn I was sad to hear you were leaving Twit but I’m sure you will continue to do great things. I enjoyed TNT and especially enjoyed your hands on with the Padre hooking up that VPN while you were standing in front of the old Collins AM broadcast transmitter. You are so articulate and very precise which made you very interesting. I’m 65 and retired now but have enjoyed computers and tech since my Vic-20 days and radio repair days. Best of luck and I will keep an eye out for you on the Net. Thanks for great shows!

  7. It was CNET’s BOL that got me interested in tech & podcasting. But, in CNET’S infinite wisdom (NOT!!},they eliminated all of the regular podcasts except for the 404…. Which could definitely use help & guidance… Please use your podcasting skills as well as your excellent tech analysis & commentary at CNET!!!!

    Best of luck to you!!
    The chemistry on TNT cannot be recreated… It was that which helped to “sell” the show….
    Ayaz….You are missed in many, many ways!!!

  8. I watched/listened to TNT everyday, Sam, is right. The Chemistry that was on TNT will not be recreated, you three worked well together. One must move on to new endeavors in time, I wish you the best in everything you do!!

  9. Casual viewer here… usually watch TNT in binges every couple of weeks when I travel, so just now learning about you and Tom not at TWiT anymore. Been following you since the “this old nerd” days on youtube and I think it’s awesome that you’re at CNET now, that’s where it all started for me getting into tech (with BOL, like Sam said above in the comments). Looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for you!

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